How I work

This page will tell you a bit more about coaching, but in reality there’s no substitute for giving it a try. That’s why I offer a free coaching session to people who are interested: that way we can really find out if you want to work with me and vice versa. It’s really important that there’s a good match between a client and their coach. If you’d like to book in a free session, get in touch.

What is coaching?

For me, what coaching means in practice is that I sit with a client and support them to find their direction and/or move their business in the direction they want. I do this through a combination of questions, feedback and assignments. Different people get really different things from coaching, because people are really different.

What does working with me look like?

People are different, with different circumstances, requirements and ways of working, and we will arrange our coaching to make sure it really serves you in what you need. Here’s some guidance on how my coaching engagements often work, based on the clients I’ve worked with:

  • As an introduction to working with me, we will start with a free coaching session.
  • Coaching sessions are usually 60-90 minutes, in person, over the phone or via Skype.
  • The first thing we’ll do if we decide to work together is get really clear on our objectives for coaching: what does success look like for you?
  • If I work with a client, it’s usually over a period of at least 3 months.
  • We will usually have sessions every 3-4 weeks.
  • If we meet in person, it’s usually in South West London or Central London.

I’ll provide you with a safe space to discuss what’s important to you. I’ll support and challenge you with questions and feedback.

Coaching is about action, and creating real change in the world, so between sessions there will always be assignments for you.

But sometimes this isn’t the best way to work with a client. If after our first conversation we decide to work together, we’ll discuss how to make it work so that you can make the change you want to make, and make sure we have an engagement which works for you.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Get in touch, email