The Coaching Effect

There are some points in your life (and the life of your business) when one-to-one guidance can really make a difference.  Having the opportunity to stand back, reflect and then set goals to move forward is important. But not always easy to do on your own, on top of an already busy schedule.

One tool at your disposal is coaching.

I take a co-active coaching approach which means that my role is to ask questions, listen and work with you to develop the skills and creativity that you already possess to make changes and move forward. Rather than instruct or advise directly, I draw on my industry experience to help you identify opportunities for change, providing independent, objective and confidential support.

‘The coaching sessions have been a fantastic continuing support for me. The meetings have helped me sustain clarity of vision over the months: setting myself realistic goals, broken down into simple tasks. I always leave feeling inspired about what I can achieve.’ 

The coaching process is beneficial for businesses at all stages of development and tend to include:

  • identifying a specific issue or outcome
  • gaining perspective on that issue
  • identifying options for change and moving forward
  • assessing the implications of each option
  • identifying any barriers to change that need to be overcome
  • developing short and long term plans
  • goal setting and action planning
  • reviewing progress to help stay on track

Good coaching enhances behavioural change, motivation, performance, awareness, and development of another person.  Business coaching should help a business grow by creating and following a structured, strategic plan to achieve realistic and manageable goals.  It is often an ongoing process.  Business I have worked with, who have benefited from coaching, have cited increases in confidence, motivation, optimism and objectivity as some of the longer term effects, alongside increases in sales and profits.

‘I check in once a month with the Imogen. It has been invaluable in helping me remain focused, developing my brand, and enabling me to reach my objectives. Whenever the process of running my business overwhelms me it is really reassuring to know I can ask advice on everything from business planning, sales opportunities and contacts to marketing strategies and financial planning’


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